Real Love Rock




In 2008 our mime troupe was started in Izmir, Turkey. Now we are based in Istanbul. The central theme of our performances is real love. We emphasize that giving is better than taking. We stress a love which gives above and beyond the requirements of law, social mores or expected reciprocal gain. Many of the skits incorporate humor, often by exposing the short sightedness of egocentric pretense.  The child-like innocence of the mime can soften prejudices and gently uncover unperceived reality to the viewers’ heart.
The vision for this troupe started with personal tragedy. In 2006 the mother of one of the troupes’ founders was killed after being hit by a truck while jogging near her home. The founder, after some searching of heart, realized how little he knew about real love and close relationships. As he began to pursue love he experienced a new joy and a desire to share this love with others.